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A thorough history paired with a complete static and dynamic evaluation will help formulate the perfect massage and wellness plan to get your horse feeling their best. A combination of advanced equine massage moves, soft tissue mobilization techniques, neurokinetic therapy, and basic myofascial release as well as various stretches and activation exercises will be utilized throughout the session. A timeline as to when the horse should be seen again will be decided upon, and any other professional recommendations will be made in regards to adding in other team members. Additional follow-up stretches and exercises will be demonstrated and should be continued at home between sessions. Please note, it is recommended that initial sessions not be booked within 7 days of competition. Initial sessions are typically 1 - 1.5 hours long, but may take up to 2 hours depending on the horse.



Progressive sessions target your horse's specific problem areas by utilizing various bodywork techniques, with the main goal being to maximize performance. Positive change should be noted within the first few sessions, if this is not the case another team member may be brought in to address problem areas in a new light. At home stretches and exercises will be reviewed and amended as the horse progresses. Follow-up sessions are typically 45 minutes - 1 hour, but may be longer depending on your horse's specific requirements.


$5/15 Minutes of Travel

Call out fee is applied on top of session pricing, round trip fee is calculated from Winfield, Ab. Mileage can be shared between clients within a call. Area specific travel dates are planned whenever possible and total mileage is split between clients.



  • Pay for 2 sessions up front, get the 3rd session for half price

  • Pay for 4 sessions up front, get the 5th session for free

 *Packages are non-refundable and must be used within 6 months of purchase date on the same horse. Initial              assessments must be completed prior to and do not apply to these deals.


  • Book 3+ of your own horses, get $10 off each of their sessions

 *Sessions can be on different days, but all sessions must be scheduled at the same time and occur within a month    of the first session. If all horses are booked for the same day, mileage fee will be waived if within 1 hour of Winfield.

  • Book a group of 4+ horses (various owners), get $5 off each horse's session and free mileage

 *Horses must be booked for the same day and at the same location. Mileage charges may be applied if                         further than 1 hour from Winfield.


  • Please contact for details


  • Any time, and as many times, that you refer a new client to Harmony Equine and they book a session with us, you will receive $15 off of your horse's next session

 *Make sure they let us know about the referral at the time of booking.

*Please note that body work is not a replacement for veterinary care.

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